Steps to be taken by the techpal to use teamviewer


On being approved as a techpal,  every techpal  would have been given access to teamviewer . (Please note that if the techpal already has teamviewer linked to the email address which he is using with, he is required by teamviewer  rules to use another email address.)


·         The session begins with a chat between the techpal and the client. Each session has a session- code and the client may be asked to fill it in. Make a note of it. It  appears in two places on the timing page and always always begins with an “s”.

·         To start to use teamviewer, the techpal advises the client via chat that he/she may open teamviewer by clicking on the link “get team viewer”.

·         If it is the techpal’s first use of teamviewer since registering as a techpal, he logs into the  using the password sent to him  by email and downloads teamviewer. (It is however advisable to download the teamviewer before he starts his first session with a client.)  If he has previously downloaded teamviewer, he opens his teamviewer and goes to the operational page- the smaller segment of the display.

·         There are several ways to use team viewer, chat, audio, video, screenshare and remote control.

·         If the problem is being  corrected by remote  access, he must seek the permission of the client. The client must agree. If he agrees, he conveys this by clicking on “allow “ when  invited by the techpal.

·         In the operational segment, the techpal enters the password sent to him when he became a techpal.

·         The session button on the techpal’s screen turns green when the client joins the session.

(The green button indicates that both techpal and client are in teamviewer contact)

·                               The techpal clicks on the gear icon on the top right of the screen and the current job appears . He clicks on the current job by                 the name shown.

 ·         When the remote teamviewer session is ended, they should both close the teamviewer session. They can however, continue the techpal session by way of chat. Both parties can log out of the session.


·          Logging out of the techpal session logs you out of teamviewer, but logging out of teamviewer does not log you out of the techpal session.

·         Both parties should log out of the techpal session, but if one party logs out of the techpal session, that closes the session, and stops the clock.

·         Finally, the usual request appears to both techpal and client to complete an evaluation of their    experience.

·         On completion, they can both log out of the website.

·         In order for the  client and techpal to communicate, the client’s version of techpal should never be higher that that of the techpal. The corporate version is currently version10.



·         At the end of the session, the client will receive by email a message that his account has been charged. The techpal receives an email message indicating the credits he has earned.

·         The techpal may request a payout at any time..  The minimum balance  he must have before requesting a payout is currently 20 credits.( equivalent to 20 dollars)