How to request assistance as a client from a techpal

Navigate to in your browser.

You will first need to register as a user by signing up. Having signed up, received your email confirmation, and accepted it, you are ready to receive assistance. Getting assistance is a simple process. You can request help for your issue by selecting “start enjoying serices of  techpal” from the Techpal menu

Click on the Techpal menu

  1. Select “start emjoying services of a techpal",
  2. Accept the terms and conditions, and click on the “YES, Request Live Assistance” button in the pop-up message box.
  3. Login with your user name and password. If you have not already done so you will be asked to supply credit card details. 
  4. Fill out the job form with the details of your request.
  5. Submit this information by clicking on the “Post Job” button at the bottom of the form. To get a wider range of responses to your request,  you may want to set the visibility field on the form to “public”
  6. Fill out your credit card information and submit it
  7. Complete the submission of your job by clicking on the “Submit” button
  8. Select a techpal and click on the “hire me “button. Note that if no techpal is available, you will be notified when one is available. Your messages will appear in the top right of the screen.
  9. Confirm your acceptance of the techpal you have chosen begin a chat session with your techpal. Note you have the option of using the chat session or any other mode of communication such as skype.  Your techpal will now guide you  though the process to the resolution of your request for assistance.

10.  If you require your techpal to access your computer, teamviewer is the recommended remote help assistance tool used. Your techpal will guide you through the process on safely setting up, using, and disconnecting from teamviewer.   You can also learn more about teamviewer at

  1. After every use of teamviewer has concluded it is important to generate a new teamviewer password by clicking on the circular arrow to the right of “Password” on the right side of the teamviewer window. Your techpal would have reviewed this with you during his introduction on the use teamviewer to you previously.
  2. After your issue has been resolved you can return to the chat session if you have any more questions related to your issue or simply log out of the chat session to end your request for assistance.
  3. After your request for assistance chat session is ended you will receive an email indicating that your account has been charged  for the service the equivalent of US$21 for up to half an hour or part thereof and the equivalent of US$0.70 (70 cents) for every minute thereafter- from the time of acceptance to the end of the session. You are free to stop the session at any time by requesting the techpal to end or by clicking “end session” yourself.
  4.  After every session you will be given the opportunity to evaluate your experience.  We hope you can take the time to complete it as it will assist is in improving and providing you a better service.

Whenever you require more technical assistance in the future you can go to  “ask for help”  and login directly at anytime .