How to register as a user

Navigate to in your browser.

To find out more about this website click the Techpal button to the left of the search box to review helpful information and support options to get you started.

You will want to understand how the website works to assist you in resolving your technical issues.You can access this information by clicking on the “HOW IT WORKS” button to the right of the search box. Click on the “sign up” button on the top of the sign up page.

Next, sign up as a user by using your Google, Facebook or LinkedIn account, or by filling out the sign-up form. You should use an email that you have access to as the verification and welcome email will go to the email address you specified. After signing up, check your email for the verification email. Follow the instructions there to verify your email address. Once you confirm your email address, you are now a registered user, you can now login to request assistance or if you are looking for work, to become a service provider (techpal).