How to apply to be a techpal ( a service provider)

Navigate to in your browser. 

You would first need to sign up as a user, and  receive email notification. Once you confirm your email address, that completes your sign up as a user. You can now apply to be a techpal.

To apply to be a techpal

1.When you click “confirm “the” login” form will appear. Complete it.

2. If you have logged out and are resuming, Click on “Im a techpal” before logging in.  ( the active box is the blue box). Then click on login and complete the login  box which appears.

3. Click submit and a  message “become a techpal“ will appear

4. Click  on “become a techpal” and the application form will appear

5. Complete  the form including the self assessment  form and submit.

6. You will be notified by email if you have been approved as a techpal and will be given a team viewer  code if you do not already have a team viewer account attached to the email address which you provided.

7. Unsuccessful applicants are not notified.  Responses could take a few days as may need to check credentials. 

8.After approval by admin by way of email, Techpals can log in directly and  go to ”jobs” to see whether jobs are available. 

9. Following  receipt of  a number of high quality customer evaluations, we are developing a system whereby  high performing techpals may seek premium membership. If accepted, this allows them to make offers of their services in excess of the  basic rate and premium customers can specifically seek their services.

10. Techpals will normally be  chosen by the system using the automatic matching system based on their  declared skills, or they may offer their services to clients based on the open jobs displayed on the website.

11. Techpals are awarded a credit  equivalent to a set percentage of the amount charged the client. Currently, clients are charged US $21 for the  first half hour or any part thereof and US$0.70 per minute thereafter.

 12.Techpals will receive notices by way of an email confirming the credits made to their accounts.

 13.They may  request payment at any time provided the balance due to them is more than the equivalent of US30. 

 14. Payment is via Paypal. For those who are not paypal members, the website provides a prompt which  takes them  to the Paypal  website directly  so that they can enroll as paypal members and so facilitate  their payouts.