We are a network of technology specialists who use our technical expertise to help you solve your problems with computers and devices and all this at very affordable prices.


Quality is inherently built into our business model. In addition to our careful selection process, as our platform grows, our ability to take on tasks is constantly enhanced with every IT specialist who joins our team and our response times become faster. With every completed task, we gather feedback and encourage ratings by clients. This information is entered into our system to help us ensure continued high quality service.


To deliver exceptional technical services at affordable prices.


We believe that innovative technologies & smart design can remove traditional barriers and enhance customer experience.


We want to create new sources of income for IT specialists with the requisite skills by directly matching them with customers who need help in their areas of expertise. We are passionate in creating a new form of employment for technical experts who are committed to their craft.

About Us

This service provides a platform where techpals (or skilled computer and other similar personnel) can offer their assistance to the less savvy members of the population especially to the over fifties , many of whom may be experiencing difficulties in keeping up with the technology. We recognise that some areas will be specialised and we have asked techpals to indicate their areas of specialty. The areas indicated by techpals will be matched to the areas of assistance requested and communicated to the clients who will make their choice of techpal based on skills declared and availability.

The session is timed and at the end of the session the client’s account is charged based on the minutes used and the rate agreed. The Techpal is credited with an agreed percentage of the amount charged less taxes where applicable.