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Take advantage now of our Special 20% discount for up to half hour support sessions with one of over 100 tech support pros (techpals) - now $16.80 after discount PLUS a free download of our Companion Ebook of Computer Tips -normally priced at $7.50. An effective cost of $9.30 per session.
Money back guarantee if problem not fixed.

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Our techpals went through rigorous assessments to ensure that they are experts with computer problem solving.

We are here to help

We are here to help

We understand your IT needs and are ready to cater to them.

Remote assistance

Anytime, anywhere remote tech help for your home devices.

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Their service was very efficient and tremendously helpful.

Zahava Silverstone, Ottowa, Canada
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Mature users need this kind of help! We need you!

Yvette Morris, Geneva, Switzerland
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The technical experts there really know their business.

Betty King, NY, NY, USA

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